Straps & Harnesses




  BG France 


The BG Bassoon Harness Strap provides superior comfort and stability. This unique harness features variable adjustment, extra cotton padding to absorb moisture, and has a heavy-duty metal strap hook.

  BG France 

Strap YOKE

The yoke style design of this strap makes for greater comfort as the weight is distributed over the shoulders and not just the neck. Fully adjustable with swivel hook.


  BG France 

Seat Strap (Leather)

  • Used by beginners and professionals alike
  • Sturdy strap
  • Very durable


BG Bassoon Harness


Shoulder Strap

  • Padded shoulder straps with breathable mesh
  • Easy adjustment tabs
  • Sternum support with clip for easy wear/removal



Seat Strap (Seat Strap)

  • Adjustable elastic cup
  • Beautiful high-grade leather
  • Non-slip backing
  • Strong stitching