The world's most advanced barrels, bells and mouthpieces.



The Traditional model produces a wonderfully rich and resonant tone with excellent focus and control.


Designed in collaboration with renowned musician Ricardo Morales. The MoBa features a slightly more open bore taper with a slightly shorter design. The shorter bell design slightly raises the pitch on the Long E/B and long F/C. The MoBa bell is more open in tone and allows for greater tonal presence.





the Backun Eb Bell aligns the registers and delivers a warm
tonal center to your sound. Want something different? Tulipwood is the preferred
choice for players in search of a war mer, more resonant tone.


The Bass Clarinet Bell is crafted from a single piece of
Cocobolo and is designed to enhance the timbre of the Bass
Clarinet. Traditionally, the existing metal bell has a bright sound
that is refined with this plus-size addition, while bolstering the
instrument's over tones and projection.

Available for most Bass Clarinets, we modify your existing bass bell to support this larger-than-life Cocobolo creation. Limited quantities available.