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  BG France 
Thumb Rest Cushion

The BG Thumb Cushion offers the widest and most firm cushion of any on the market. Molded from strong rubber, the BG cushion will not easily flex and offers a strong and wide support for the clarinet. Comfortable and strong, the BG thumb cushion fits both clarinet and oboe and is adaptable to all models.

Clarinet Thumb Rest Cushion


Clarinet Thumb Rest Cushion
with Extension

BG Thumbrest Cushions
Protec Thumbrest Cushion with Extension

The Etude3

a low cost thumbrest which greatly improves the hand position and reduces fatigue by offering great comfort



The Maestro2

a professional thumb rest that can be adjusted more precise and in all possible directions and made out of durable materials to offer a life long comfort for the demanding player.