Woodwind repair services provided by master repairman Nick Abel at Innoledy NYC
For detailed information, please visit

Specializing in the service of professional woodwinds including crack repair, adjustment, padwork, and more.

All repairs are by appointment, please contact Nick at:
+1 (347) 405-3335

Pricing estimates are done on a case-by-case basis after instrument is received, and free of charge.

Minimum shop charge, excluding estimates, is 1/2 hour

All pricing is based on the instrument, but typical rate may be as follows:
Annual Servicing: $300 - $500
Overhaul: $800 - $1,400

Many major repairs take between 2-5 business days to complete, so be prepared to leave your instrument for a few days. Please plan your appointment accordingly based on the condition of your instrument. Call or e-mail for a time frame estimate.

When bringing an instrument in for repair, please leave all accessories, including case covers at home.

Cash, Credit, check and PayPal accepted.

Shipping is available at an additional cost.