Octave Valve Cleaner



 Octave Valve Cleaner


Quiet. Quick. Easy

Reeds 'n Stuff patented Octafree quietly and quickly removes disruptive water from the two octave vents.

The Octafree is inserted into the top of the oboe. From here the water can now be silently sucked out while the instrument remains assembled.

The Octafree is ideal in particularly critical situations, e.g. live broadcasts, radio recordings, or a colleague's solo – wherever extraneous sounds would be disruptive.

Thanks to the durable silicone seal, water can be removed directly from the octave valves. This way the pads stay dry, and the moisture is absorbed by the filter.

The Octafree works by blocking the bore of the instrument below the octave vents. Now when you inhale, the air pulls the moisture from inside the octave vents up through the Octafree and into the filter inside the mouthpiece.

  • To remove water from the octave keys, first insert the Octafree into the opening at the top of the oboe.


    Insert the Octafree entirely until the mouthpiece base is resting on the oboe.


    Press the desired octave key and inhale through the mouthpiece. The air flow will force the water into the filter inside the Octafree.

    • The filters inside the Octafree can be accessed and exchanged by unscrewing the mouthpiece.

Made in Germany