Mönnig Bassoons

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The quality of woodwind instrument manufacture in Markneukirchen was the hallmark of the two companies "Gebrueder Moennig" and "Oscar Adler & Co." founded in the 19th Centurry.


All instruments are made of choice, well-seasoned maple with silver plated mechanism, incl. case, cover and accessories. 




Model 214



26 keys, 8 rollers, high-D, high-E, E/F# trill key, Eb-key at the wing joint, well seasoned flamed Bosnian maple wood, silver plated mechanism, typical dark full "Moennig"-sound, complete with balancer, 2 bocals "Wilhelm Moennig" FC (soldered by hand), "Marcus Bonna" MB case with carrying sling system, accessories

OPTION: A-connecting piece to whisper key

$13, 800.00