Mönnig English Horns

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The quality of woodwind instrument manufacture in Markneukirchen was the hallmark of the two companies "Gebrueder Moennig" and "Oscar Adler & Co." founded in the 19th Centurry.


All instruments are made of choice, well-seasoned maple with silver plated mechanism, incl. case, cover and accessories. 





Professional Model

  • clear focused sound

  • semi automatic, till low-B
  • covered finger holes, silver plated mechanics
  • bocal receiver of Sterling silver
  • double octave key, 3rd octave key
  • Ab/Bb-trill key; D#/E-trill key
  • C/C#- and C/D-trill key
  • G#/F#- and B/C#-Connection
  • G-correction
  • forken-F-mechanism
  • auxiliary F- and Eb-keys
  • resonance key on bell
  • 2 bocals "Mönnig" Nr. 1 and Nr. 2, silver plated