Renard Bassoons

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Throughout it history, Fox has sought to find and develop technical expertise and has been receptive to modifying its instruments to suit the needs and tastes of its customers. It supplies a broad base of bassoonists around the world.



Short Reach 

An ideal instrument for younger middle school players.  The modified keywork is adapted for younger players with small hands.  Not recommended for high school and older players



An ideal instrument for middle school use or budget-conscious high schools.  Good sound, excellent intonation, durable body and keywork.  It's a perfect choice for college methods classes.



Our lowest price wood instrument.  A good choice for new bassoonists and school music programs.

220 Artist

Mechanically identical to the Renard model 240 bassoon.  The tonal warmth and scale of the long bore gives a good choice between the 240 and the 220.  The secure performance and superior intonation of the long bore design will provide excellent performance for advancing school bassoonists.




240 Artist
Short Bore

It’s the ultimate advanced student bassoon.  Mechanically it has all the extras that any advanced student might need, including a high E key, and a whisper key lock, among other things. 


260 Artist
Thick Wall/Short Bore

Designed for advanced bassoonists, the Renard Model 260 was patterned after the Fox Professional Model 660. Built from red maple, the 260 can produce the power, depth, great intonation and resonance associated with professional bassoons.