Buffet Barrels


Buffet Group is one of the leading manufacturers of wind instruments in the world.








This new line of Buffet Crampon barrels joins the series of
barrels by Chadash and Moennig and belongs to the same family
of conical bores, while standing out with its sophisticated and
different proportions.
Apart from its inverse conical bore, its outer shape has been
particularly refined. The carefully selected use of materials for
the rings, and the finishes offered (gold, silver or black nickel)
have a notable influence on the sonority and the sensation felt
by the musician.



The Chadash clarinet barrel is produced and *distributed by the Buffet Crampon company. The unique, two stage reaming process of the Chadash barrel features a poly-cylindrical bore that improves focus and eliminates sharpness in the throat tones. The barrel made from hand selected unstained Dalbergia wood, is of the highest quality that Buffet has in their stocks in Paris. The Chadash barrel is a reverse tapered cone bore similar to the "Moennig" barrel but with a very slow progression of the taper. The boring process for each barrel is done with a single edged French-style reamer that involves two different passes with the borer followed by the polishing of the bore.



The moennig barrel is the most popular barrel used. Mr. Moennig's special tapered design improves the intonation of every clarinet.